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Title: Alan Hájek (ANU)
Unexpected Expectations


Nearly a decade ago, Harris Nover and I introduced the Pasadena game, which  
we argued gives rise to a new paradox in decision theory even more  
troubling than the St. Petersburg paradox. Nick Smith’s “Is Evaluative  
Compositionality a Requirement of Rationality” (forthcoming in Mind) offers  
a way to resolve these paradoxes, and other related ones. In the process,  
he raises deep issues in the foundations of decision theory. He argues for  
the proposal that for any gamble, sufficiently small probabilities may be  
neglected; as a result, he rejects the decision-theoretic orthodoxy that  
the value of a gamble is determined solely by its profile of payoffs and  
their probabilities. I offer a number of objections to his arguments and to  
his proposal, while welcoming the opportunity to reflect on the  
foundational issues.
When: Wed 8 May 2013 15:30 – 17:30 Eastern Time - Melbourne, Sydney
Where: S401, Level 4, via Lobby B (or Southern Vestibule), Quadrangle  
Building, University Place, The University of Sydney.
Calendar: Seminars
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