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Title: Maria Kon

Projection and the Experience of Auditory Succession

Phillips (2010) argues that in order for one to offer a satisfactory  
explanation of our experience of succession, one must either (a) utilize  
irreducibly temporal facts or (b) deny that such facts are required in  
one’s explanation.  Generally, he rejects two dominant accounts that uphold  
(b), i.e., specious present theory and memory theory, because such a denial  
pulls apart the temporal structure of experience from the temporal  
structure of the objects experienced.

Although the main argument he offers against (b) is arguably refutable by  
appeal to perceptual illusions, I here focus on analysing the role of  
‘temporal structure’ in this argument.  In order to analyse this ‘temporal  
structure’, I examine his primary example, which involves hearing an  
arpeggio in C major.  I do so to tease out specific features of auditory  
succession that Phillips assumes a viable account must explain.  In turn,  
this provides clear criteria for assessing the accounts that reject (b) and  
determining the viability of developing an alternative account that upholds  
(b).  Then, I argue that an alternative account, according to which we  
project succession relations, can be developed that upholds (b) and better  
explains the temporal structure of auditory succession than those that  
reject (b).
When: Mon 29 Apr 2013 13:00 – 14:30 Eastern Time - Melbourne, Sydney
Where: University of Sydney, Philosophy Common Room
Calendar: Current Projects
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