[SydPhil] Foundations of Physics Seminar *this Wednesday* - Huw Price on Retrocausality

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We are pleased to announce the rebirth of the Sydney Foundations of Physics seminar series, organised by Dean Rickles, Maria Kon and myself, with the first seminar of the new series to be given this week by former SydFoP organiser Huw Price (Cambridge).

Wednesday 17 April, 11:30-13:00. Philosophy Common Room, Quadrangle A14, University of Sydney.
Huw Price (Cambridge): Retrocausality - What Would it Take? (Abstract below.)

The seminar series will run fortnightly in the Philosophy Common Room. We are currently compiling the list of future speakers, and welcome talks in any area concerning foundational issues in physics, from (but not restricted to) physicists, philosophers and mathematicians. If you are interested in giving a talk, please contact any of the following:

Matt Farr <matt.farr at sydney.edu.au<mailto:matt.farr at sydney.edu.au>>
Dean Rickles <dean.rickles at sydney.edu.au<mailto:dean.rickles at sydney.edu.au>>
Maria Kon <maria.kon at sydney.edu.au<mailto:maria.kon at sydney.edu.au>>

The schedule for future Foundations of Physics seminars will be announced in due course.

We look forward to seeing many of you on Wednesday.



Retrocausality - What Would it Take?
Huw Price

Some writers argue that retrocausality offers an attractive loophole in Bell’s Theorem, allowing an explanation of EPR-Bell correlations without “spooky action-at-a-distance.” This idea originated more than a decade before Bell’s famous result, when de Broglie’s student, Olivier Costa de Beauregard, first proposed that retrocausality plays a role in EPR contexts. The proposal is difficult to assess, because there has been little work on the general question of what a world with retrocausality would “look like” – what kinds of considerations, if any, would properly lead to the conclusion that we do live in such a world. In this talk I discuss these general issues, with the aim of bringing the more specific question as to whether quantum theory implies retrocausality into sharper focus than has hitherto been possible.

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