[SydPhil] Philorum Group @ Redfern. 2013-04(Apr)-17 Wed. Why Philosophy can't help you. (Nathan Sinclair)

John Bentley jlrbentley at yahoo.com.au
Sat Apr 13 18:11:50 AEST 2013

The tendency of modern academic philosophers to avoid supposed larger issues
of human existence is not due to cowardice or having somehow lost their way,
but is a principled response to their understanding of the limits of reason
and knowledge. Not only is the demand for a more "meaningful" philosophy
from the general public (and university administrators) misplaced it is
actively damaging. Vainly disguising philosophy as a sort of church of
rationality while in fact assisting to reducing philosophy to a mere form of
cultural expression. This view is most pithily expressed by Wittgenstein:
"The correct method in philosophy would really be the following: to say
nothing except what can be said, i.e. propositions of natural science - i.e.
something that has nothing to do with philosophy - and then, whenever
someone else wanted to say something metaphysical, to demonstrate to him
that he had failed to give a meaning to certain signs in his propositions.
Although it would not be satisfying to the other person - he would not have
the feeling that we were teaching him philosophy - this method would be the
only strictly correct one."

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