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Title: Brian Hedden
Title: Time-Slice Rationality

Abstract:  In this paper I defend Time-Slice Rationality, the view that as  
far as rationality is concerned, the relationship between two time-slices  
of the same person is not in principle different from the relationship  
between two different people.  There are no inTRApersonal norms that do not  
derive from norms that apply equally in the inTERpersonal case.  In  
particular, there are no diachronic norms.  I motivate this view by an  
internalist intuition and appeal to classic puzzle cases for personal  
identity.  Then I show that two principles of the kind of epistemology I  
reject (Conditionalization and Reflection) can be replaced by new  
time-slice-centric principles which have all of the benefits of the old  
principles but none of their flaws.
When: Mon 18 Mar 2013 13:00 – 14:30 Eastern Time - Melbourne, Sydney
Where: University of Sydney, philosophy common room
Calendar: Current Projects
     * kristiemiller4 at gmail.com- creator

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