[SydPhil] Philorum. 2013-02(Feb)-19 Tue. WTF(*) about the university rating systems? (Joffre Balce)

John Bentley jlrbentley at yahoo.com.au
Mon Feb 18 18:17:16 AEDT 2013

If "(a) university is, perhaps, the most complex institution ever devised,
since it aims to nurture the highest human faculty: the intellect" & "truth
is the proper object of the intellect" (from What is a university? By Dr
Akmal Hussain Published: September 30, 2012), what is the role or business
of a rating system - a system of classifying according to quality or merit
or amount (from worldnetweb.princeton.webwn) - in evaluating such an
institution? Is it merely an opinion - which is the defence of American
based financial rating organisations when confronted with their failure to
provide timely signals for investors of the impending collapse of blue chip
investment banks & their instruments? If so, then what is the sense of
urgency behind universities to restructure themselves to obtain better
scores? (* - What's the Fuss)

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