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Dear Friends
I would like to share with you this amazing experience
I am having through Cantoo, the people I am meeting and the goals we
are trying to achieve.
I am
already training hard to do several 2km ocean swims over the coming summer. 
of all I would like to tell you about myself. I am 47 and I have loved sports
all my life yet those days where I could run and swim without much effort are
long gone. I try to commit myself to regular exercise to maintain my fitness
and health and this requires a discipline not always easy to maintain due to
all the other commitments of life.
first thought about becoming a member of Cantoo two years ago but I could not
get involved at that time. Now being a proud member of Cantoo I realise how
good it is to be here, knowing that with my physical and mental effort I will
contribute to helping others who are in need of medical researchresearch to save their lives.
Cantoo is helping me to become a better person and to
develop my self-confidence. I would encourage other people to get involved, or at
least to help me fundraise.All funds raised go to cancer research
through Cure Cancer Australia.
By getting involved in Cantoo we are making it
possible to create a benefit for our whole society into the future. 
your help I aim to raise a minimum $1250.
was very scared at the beginning about enrolling in this venture, which
involves swimming 2 km in the ocean. With the support of other members, my
captain and mentor I have overcome my fears 
know that many of you will think about doing what I am doing but I also
understand that everybody is a bit busy these days and that it is not always
possible to. I will be there in the cold water, swimming with the sharks, with
1 metre visibility, facing the darkness of the ocean depths, not knowing how I
am going to get out of there when I am far away from shore. My drive will be
that I am helping others, to follow the school of swimmers and to make sure
that that bloody wave doesn’t put me way down!
I am
here today, but I hope you will be there with me tomorrow and that you will be
able to tell a similar story to your friends, to your relatives and to your
colleagues. I don’t know how many times I will be able to participate in the
Cantoo program but there are some who have done it two, three or even more
times. They are just like you and me, but to me right now they are my idols and
I would like to achieve what they have achieved before.
will keep you posted, and send you the pictures when I am training hard, as well
as those pictures when cantooers  are
gathering sharing those activities. I will tell those others that thanks to your
support I will keep me motivated. I hope you will be as proud as me. 
feel free to check out our progress – we are at Bondi beach every Saturday
morning wearing orange caps.
take this journey together, understanding the priorities in life and
participating of that altruism that protects our community and society. True
power comes from individuals like you and me, who make possible those great
changes in society.
I am
going to put my heart and dedication into this, I need you to back me up by
sending your financial contribution to Cantoo - a non for profit organisation
created to help find the cure for cancer.
those ones who would like to make a donation, please follow the link below to
my Cantoo webpage, copy the link and paste it in your browser. Your help will
be very much appreciated. I know that with al other commitments in life it is
not easy to make a donation; but that makes it more valuable when you do it.
You are not only sending a donation but sharing your feelings with many others
that will be very thankful to you.
Jes Simon Gisbert
Ps. Please,
let me know if you don't want to receive emails from this project.
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3 sheets of A4 paper = 1 litre of water

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