[SydPhil] Graduate Workshop on Philosophy and Cognitive Science 5th December Macquarie University

Richard Menary richard.menary at mq.edu.au
Wed Nov 28 09:56:25 AEDT 2012

Announcing a one day workshop on philosophy and cognitive science at Macquarie University, hosted by the Departments of Philosophy and Cognitive Science and the Centre for Cognition and its Disorders and the Centre for Agency, Values and Ethics.

The workshop will take place in the Boyd room on level 3 of the Central Hub between 9am and 6pm on the 5th December. The workshop is free to attend, but please rsvp for catering purposes. 

Invited speakers:

Professor Shaun Gallagher (Memphis) 

Professor Dan Hutto (Hertfordshire)

Assistant Professor Somogy Varga (Memphis)


8.30 coffee
9 am Dan Hutto

Exorcising Action Oriented Representations: Ridding Cognitive Science of its Nazgûl

10am Michael Kirchhoff  

Extended Cognition and Constitution

10.30am Kellie Williamson

Playing Together: A Social Ontology of Sports Teams

11.30 coffee

12 Mirko Farina

Re-Thinking Neuroconstructivism through Dynamic (neuro)-Enskilment

12.30 Chris McCarroll

Visual Perspective in Autobiographical Memory and the Narrative Self 

1 lunch 

2 Somogy Varga

Philosophy of cognitive behavioral therapy

3.0 Will Newsome Getting Personal with Cognitive Ethnography

3.30 Marina Trakas

The relationship between memory and emotions. A philosophical approach 

4.30 coffee 

5.0  Shaun Gallagher

Mood facilitation, time and depression




Dr. Richard Menary

Macquarie University

Department of Philosophy

Centre for Cognition and its Disorders


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