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The Centre for Agency, Values and Ethics and the Department of Philosophy at Macquarie University invites you to a public lecture by Professor Shaun Gallagher, Lillian and Morrie Moss Chair of Excellence at the University of Memphis. The lecture will be held in the Senate Room on the third floor of the Lincoln Building (C8A) at 11 am on the 7th December. The lecture is free to attend.

Professor Gallagher's areas of research include: phenomenology and the cognitive sciences, especially topics related to embodiment, self, agency and intersubjectivity, hermeneutics, and the philosophy of time. He is the editor of the Oxford Handbook of the Self, OUP (2011), Brainstorming: Views and Interviews on the Mind, Imprint Academic (2008), How the Body Shapes the Mind, OUP (2005), and he is editor of the journal Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences.

Autonomy, Self-Agency and Social Interaction


The interaction theory of social cognition (IT) argues that the strong interaction processes that contribute to or constitute social cognition have a certain autonomy of their own which cannot be reduced to processes found within the individuals who interact. Developmental studies show that intercorporeal and intersubjective interactions begin early in life. If this is so, it motivates the question about the possibility and extent of individual self-agency and autonomy.  Recent debates about free will (whether for or against) are framed by internalist models of cognition.  It suggests that an externalist/enactivist model is required to rethink the concepts of autonomy, self-agency and free will.  I'll outline aspects of this model and argue that it is consistent with the concept of phronesis.




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