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The market shares are computed by summing the predicted probabilities
and dividing the sums by the number of choice tasks used to compute the
sums.  For an RPL model, the probabilities are computed using the
simulation on which the model is based.  It would probably be much too
complicated to replicate this with CREATE. That is why the ;Simulate option
is provided.
/B. Greene

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> hi,
> How does the ;simulation command in NLOGIT estimate the "market shares" (I
> couldn't find the details in the Applied Choice Analysis text book)
> is it possible to also do a manual calculation using beta coefficients from
> an RPL model?
> For example, I have an unlabelled DCE with 3 alternative
> Alternatives A and B are unlabelled and Alternative C is an opt-out option
> I ran an RPL model and used the simulation command in NLOGIT to see the
> change in % of people choosing the opt-out option (alternative C) when I
> altered one attribute level at a time
> This worked for all my attributes in the model except for one (it returned
> unusually high values which did not correspond with the patterns I am
> seeing from the beta coefficients)
> so I was wanting to see if it is possible to use a manual calculation to
> check the output from the simulation?
> thanks for your help.
> Let me know if I need to explain further
> Best,
> *Jason Ong*
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