[Limdep Nlogit List] simulation command in NLOGIT

Jason Ong doctorjasonong at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 10:58:48 AEDT 2021


How does the ;simulation command in NLOGIT estimate the "market shares" (I
couldn't find the details in the Applied Choice Analysis text book)
is it possible to also do a manual calculation using beta coefficients from
an RPL model?

For example, I have an unlabelled DCE with 3 alternative
Alternatives A and B are unlabelled and Alternative C is an opt-out option
I ran an RPL model and used the simulation command in NLOGIT to see the
change in % of people choosing the opt-out option (alternative C) when I
altered one attribute level at a time
This worked for all my attributes in the model except for one (it returned
unusually high values which did not correspond with the patterns I am
seeing from the beta coefficients)
so I was wanting to see if it is possible to use a manual calculation to
check the output from the simulation?
thanks for your help.
Let me know if I need to explain further


*Jason Ong*

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