[Limdep Nlogit List] WTP-space MNL model syntax

David Hensher david.hensher at sydney.edu.au
Thu Sep 17 14:28:07 AEST 2020

It is really set up for a mixed logit model. While I cannot guarantee 
your model would work, you can implement a useful trick by choosing one 
parameter and setting it as nonstochastic.

For example:
?Add into command stream
;rpl; fcn=x(c)  ?x is any variable you can choose


On 17/09/2020 2:13 PM, Thao Thai via Limdep wrote:
> Dear Nlogit users,
> Background: I have two DCE designs differing in one design dimension. I
> want to test whether there is a difference in WTPs results between two
> designs. As such, I want to run a WTP-space MNL including interactions
> between a dummy for design type and WTP values of each attribute.
> My issue: Nlogit manual provides instructions on how to run WTP-space for
> Mixed logit models. Could you please kindly give me some advice on
> the syntax to run a WTP-space MNL model? or some suggestions on another way
> to deal with my issue if possible please?
> Thank you so much for your help.
> Best regards,
> Thao
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