[Limdep Nlogit List] Saving RPL parameters to variables

Koetse, M.J. mark.koetse at vu.nl
Sat Mar 30 19:42:26 AEDT 2019

Dear All,

In saving parameters from RPL models to data area, all parameters are grouped together, instead of that they are assigned to the respondents. No problem to adjust this, but I would like to make 100% sure that the parameters are saved in the order that respondents appear in the data. Can anyone confirm this?

Below is the syntax I use, for completeness.

Best regards,


matrix; b_m=b $
matrix; bi_m=beta_i $
create; asc1_m=0;asc2_m=0;asc3_m=0;int_m=0;dur_m=0;max_m=0;noaf_m=0;addf_m=0;prem_m=0;glb_m=0 $
namelist; par_m=asc1_m,asc2_m,asc3_m,int_m,dur_m,max_m,noaf_m,addf_m,prem_m,glb_m $

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