[Limdep Nlogit List] Multinomial Multiperiod Probit Model

Melanie Velarde melanie.velarde at uni-osnabrueck.de
Sat May 20 00:33:43 AEST 2017

Hello everyone,

I'm using Nlogit for the very first time and I'm trying to estimate a multiperiod multinomial probit model on the basis of an unbalanced panel (household survey).
To keep things simple, I started with the following specification (fyi I'm not working with any choice specific attributes)

;Choices = A, B, C
            U(B)= BALPHA + BDCE*DCE /
            U(C)= CALPHA + CDCE*DCE $

and Nlogit started to "work" without any complaints. However, as soon as I add


to take account of the fact that I'm using an unbalanced panel, I get the following error message

Error   1097: Unusable LHS variable in choice model setup

I've read all the information about preparing and working with panel data, which is available in all three guides provided when purchasing Nlogit.
I particularly made sure that my variable NWAVES reflects not the number of rows per household (I have 3 rows per survey wave and household, because of the 3 identical choices available every wave), but rather the total number of waves that a household was surveyed.

I have no clue what I'm doing wrong! Any ideas?

Thanks a lot in advance for any suggestions!!!

Best regards,

Melanie Velarde

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