[Limdep Nlogit List] variable types

RAUX Charles Charles.Raux at laet.ish-lyon.cnrs.fr
Wed May 10 00:46:18 AEST 2017


I am a newbie and trying to do basic things with data imported from a csv file. And I found nothing in various documentations (Limdep Reference guide, Econ. Model estimation and Nlogit guide).

- How to reorder variables (for instance change the order of display in data editor)?

- How to get information and deal with variable type? Categorical variables are mentioned but I see no means to transform a seemingly integer variable in a categorical variable. For instance importing "HealthData.csv" and trying

|-> CREATE ; Expand(hlthsat) $

Error    711: Variable in EXPAND is not an integer from 1 to 100.

Where can I see the type of "htlthsat" and how to change to integer (or categorical?) ?


Charles Raux

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