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David Hensher

At 09:31 AM 14/11/2010, you wrote:
>Dear Professor Greene,
>Fist let me start by thanking you for a wonderful product.  I am a 
>relatively new user of Nlogit 4.0 and have been spending some time 
>with the properties and commands associated with the various 
>discrete choice models capable of being estimated with this software.
>I do have one question related to Nlogit 4.0 as it pertains to my 
>dissertation research.  I've recently read a few articles in the 
>literature I am sure you are familiar with, (Fiebig et al., 2009) 
>and (Greene & Hensher, 2010), presenting the merits of using a 
>generalized mixed logit model to account for individual level scale 
>heterogeneity in addition to taste heterogeneity.  On your web-site 
>I also saw, under the course in Discrete Choice Modeling, a 
>PowerPoint presentation in the class notes section entitled Part 14 
>Mixed Logit Models where you present the generalized mixed logit 
>model.   It appears using a generalized mixed logit model may be 
>beneficial for me to use in my research as it relates to a discrete 
>choice experiment involving a relatively complex/unfamiliar series 
>of medical decision making choice tasks.
>Could you tell me if Nlogit 4.0 is capable of estimating a 
>generalized mixed logit model like the one you estimated in (Greene 
>& Hensher, 2010)?  I noticed the models in (Greene & Hensher, 2010) 
>were estimate using a pre-release version of Nlogit 5.0.
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