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Put a semicolon (;) between 'selection' and 'margin' in your procedure. I see there is a dot between them and i think this is a reason not getting marginal effects.
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Hi all,

I am new to DCM estimation so excuse the ignorant question.  I am running the following command and cannot seem to get marginal effects for my selection model, is this due to the nature of the estimation process?.. any suggestions are much appreciated??

namelist    ;x=one,lta,lnta,divers,urban,ilcu,occup,roa,ci,socio
create      ;y=web08$
reject      ;web08<1$
create      ;tec=tecscore$
recode      ;tec;1=0;2=1;3=2$
sample      ;All$
Probit      ;lhs=y;rhs=x;hold$
ordered    ;lhs=tec;rhs=z;selection,margin$


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