[Limdep Nlogit List] Help with "Error 699" internal limit

Darren Lee d.lee at business.uq.edu.au
Tue Dec 7 10:09:30 EST 2010

Hi Manos,
Not sure if this will work but maybe give it a try. In the Tools tab pick Options and then choose the Projects tab. Try increasing the data cells by adding another zero to the figure and re-run the model. Maybe this might help.



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I'm trying to estimate a linear panel model with a random effect on
the individual level. -pid- is the person identifier and it takes
values from 1 to 13428.

e.g. Regress; Lhs = Y; Rhs = ONE, X; RPM; REM = pid ; Pds = count$

However, Error 699 is returned: "Error 699: PID is not an integer
1-9999. Obs. 48762= 10000.0000".

Is there any way I can increase such internal limit or circumvent this problem.

Thank you in advance

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