[Limdep Nlogit List] Question about Structure of Nested Logit

Sabir, M. (Muhammad) msabir at feweb.vu.nl
Fri Jul 17 00:29:17 EST 2009

Dear LIMDEP users,


I am trying to setup a Nested logit model as follows; 



;Lhs= choice, cset, altij

;Choices = C, B, T, O, N

; tree = Yes(C,B,T, O),  No(N)


 U(C) = bc + b11*T1+b12*T2 /

 U(B) = bB + b21*T1+b22*T2 /

 U(T) = bT + b31*T1+b32*T2 / 

 U(O) = bO + b41*T1+b42*T2  /

 U(N) = bN + b51*T1+b52*T2    

  ; utility = u1 $


All the variables (e.g., T1 and T2 and all others) are individual
specific. It does not vary with alternatives. Given this my questions


1-      Is it possible to estimate/ identify all bs of the model (for
the four alternatives)   


2-      If the answer to first question is yes, then how the code should
be for the utility model specification?  



Any suggestion/direction will be highly appreciated. Many thanks.


Kind regards,





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