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Sean.Pascoe at csiro.au Sean.Pascoe at csiro.au
Mon Aug 10 08:48:17 EST 2009

Dear all

I am new to LIMDEP and still working it out so this may be a really basic question with an obvious answer. I am trying to run a frontier model (eventually a latent class spec but having problems with the basic model at the moment). My data is an unbalanced panel. My problem seems to be that the obs do not all start on the same date - the data consists of weekly obs spread over a 10 year period with some obs starting mid way through the first year and others not until later years. I have run it through Tim Coelli's FRONTIER package and get good results, but can't get anything similar in LIMDEP. Going though the manual it seems that the assumption is that the panel data all start on the same date. I've tried the "period" option which works for panel data specs of regression models, but this seems to make no difference. I would like to get at least the same results as FRONTIER for the base model before moving to a latent class spec.

Any advice would be most appreciated.



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