[Limdep Nlogit List] endogenizing a count estimation within a probit

William Greene wgreene at stern.nyu.edu
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(1) No, there is no routine for a probit model with an endogenous
count variable. You would have to work out how the endogeneity
got into the model. The Poisson model does not have a disturbance
in it.  So, what unobservables in the Poisson equation are 
correlated with the unobservables in the probit model to induce
the endogeneity?
(2) I don't understand the second question. (Irrespective of the
answer to (1).)  Is this suggesting a Poisson model with sample
selection - I have a couple working papers on this and you can 
find a very long discussion in my recent Foundations and Trends
paper - then somehow dropped into a third (probit) equation?  Or
something else.
/Bill Greene

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In Limdep 9, there is a procedure that accommodates a probit endogenized within
a Poisson/negative binomial count model with selection.

I am in need of the converse.  I am constructing a model of "Days in Labor
Market Programs" for a European sample, with selection, followed by a probit
estimating the probability of subsequent migration.

Two questions:

1.  Is there a "hard wired" Limdep procedure for this type estimation?


2.  If the answer to #1 above is yes, does it allow for selectivity in the
first step of the estimation?

Thanks in advance.

Robert A. Nakosteen
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