[Limdep Nlogit List] Dependent continuous variable with bounded range

Pavlos C. Symeou p.symeou at jbs.cam.ac.uk
Tue Apr 15 20:07:38 EST 2008

Dear Limdep-listers,

I have panel data for 100 firms for five years and I want to examine the 
effects of various variables on "reputation". My variable "reputation" 
takes  continuous values in the range of 0-10. Namely, it can take 
values of 1,2,3 but also of 2.5, 9.6, etc. The values that the variable 
"reputation" takes in my sample range between 2.6 - 8.3 (therefore, I 
would not have a problem taking the logarithm of it). Can you please 
advise if I can still use panel OLS estimation for panel data or should 
I use a different model? In essence, my main concern is the limitations 
of the bounded range of my variable.



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