[Limdep Nlogit List] Random parameter logit+Looping with Do statement

William Greene wgreene at stern.nyu.edu
Thu Apr 10 09:40:36 EST 2008

You can provide your own starting values for any model in LIMDEP.
You should fit the model first without doing so, so you can see
the order in which parameters appear in the model that gets
estimated. Mixed models get rearranged during the setup, and the
order of the variables gets changed so that the ones with random 
parameters and those with fixed are grouped.  Once you are ready,
;Start=list as usual can be used.
/Bill Greene

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Dear Limdep Users,
I estimated mixed logit model using LIMDEP. I am trying to minimize
original and predicted values so would like to try various starting
values. I know Mixed logit model in LIMDEP uses Multinomial logit model
estimate as its starting value. Is there a way in LIMDEP so that I can try
various starting values for my 5 parameters to see differences between
original and predicted values (some kind of looping?). I will really
appreciate some feedback. My specific question is how can I set various
intial values for my 5 parameters and get estimate from my mixed logit
Sanatan Shreay
PhD candidate,
School of Economic Sciences
Washington State University
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