[Limdep Nlogit List] Random parameter logit+Looping with Do statement

sshreay at mail.wsu.edu sshreay at mail.wsu.edu
Thu Apr 10 05:28:44 EST 2008

Dear Limdep Users,
I estimated mixed logit model using LIMDEP. I am trying to minimize
original and predicted values so would like to try various starting
values. I know Mixed logit model in LIMDEP uses Multinomial logit model
estimate as its starting value. Is there a way in LIMDEP so that I can try
various starting values for my 5 parameters to see differences between
original and predicted values (some kind of looping?). I will really
appreciate some feedback. My specific question is how can I set various
intial values for my 5 parameters and get estimate from my mixed logit
Sanatan Shreay
PhD candidate,
School of Economic Sciences
Washington State University

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