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William Greene wgreene at stern.nyu.edu
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Julia. The error means that that observation is in your
current data set and the value is -999, missing value.
Perhaps you did not use the SAMPLE command to set the 
sample properly.
/B. Greene
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i developed a choice model and want to analyze it now using nlogit. First i tried a multinomial logit model. i entered some of my data and wanted to try the model, but this happened:
--> nlogit
    ;lhs= choice, cset, alti
    ;choices = tap, public, borehole, other
    U(tap)	= tapcons*consumpt + tapdis*dist1 + relia1*relia1 + relia2*relia2 /
    U(public)	= publicons*consumpt + publicd1*publicd1 + publicd2*publicd2 + ...
    U(borehole) = ascboreho*consumpt $
Count variable CSET     at row   121 equals  -999
The count is < 1 or > Nalt. The value is invalid.
This causes a mismatch of data rows/individuals during a data loop.
  Error  1095: Count variable CSET     at row   121 equals  -999
  Error  1095: Count variable CSET     at row   121 equals  -999

what was wrong? I did not enter all my data, only 7 individuals?Will the error disappear after i entered all?
thank you, 
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