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William Greene wgreene at stern.nyu.edu
Sun Sep 16 23:44:58 EST 2007

Mr. Edwards.  For the second logit model, you have to figure out what you
want to do with the other variables in the model - where to fix them - so
this applies to the first. If you want to plot it as a function of
BID, you should first find out what range to be plotting over. You might
do this:
BLOGIT ; LHS = YPAY ; RHS = one,bid $
CALC ; LowBid = Min(bid) ; HighBid = Max(bid) ; MedBid = Med(bid) 
     ; b1 = b(1) ; b2 = b(2) $
SAMPLE ; 1 $
FPLOT ; labels = Bids
      ; Limits=LowBid,HighBid
      ; Start  = MedBid
      ; Plot (Bids)
      ; Pts = 200
      ; Fcn = 1/(1+exp(b1 - b2*bids)) $
SAMPLE ; All $
This will plot the function values for the values in the range of
bids.  That said, I took your word for it that that was the function you
wanted, but it doesn't look right to me.  You have the wrong sign on
b2 in there.
/Bill Greene

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I am NLOGIT newbie who is stumbling thru trying to figure out stuff.

I am analysing a set of Dichotomous choice data.   I have calculated WTP 
estmates etc.  Now I am trying to understand how to display some of the 
descriptive statistics. Also I am trying to figure out how to plot the PDF 
and CDF based on my estimation results.

for example from the basic estimation(s) below, how do I plot the Prob 
density function?


I tried the following...but it is wrong....

FPLOT ; labels=(ypay)






I have been stumbling through the manuals but I have not been be able to get 
it right.


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