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Wed Nov 21 04:56:14 EST 2007

Announcement Request


AoM-IAoM.org welcomes visitors to its redesigned website presently 
identifying scholarly, corporate and practitioner featured articles & a 
general news section addressing global management, education, leadership, 
and technology developments. The newly designed website features an 
interactive text blog in which you can participate, notice of available 
speakers link, dissertation coaching services, links to AoM & IAoM 
partners, along with information regarding the upcoming AoM/IAoM Conference 
in Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 2-4, 2008, the Association's 
International Conference.

Openings are available for experienced editors, editors-in-chief for three 
journals: Global Education Management Systems (GEMS), Computer Science and 
Information Management (CSIM) and the Journal of Management in Practice 
(JMP), along with specific leadership roles in either one of the four MELT 
domains: Management, Education (higher), Leadership, and Technology.

Scholars researching (M)anagement, (E)ducation, (L)eadership and/or 
(T)echnology, in addition to corporate learning officers and practitioners 
in the above fields, are welcome to interact directly with aom-iaom.org and 
participate in the 2008 AoM/IAoM Amsterdam conference.

Bookmark this site: aom-iaom.org for future visits.

I look forward to your interest,

Dr. Willem A. Hamel, President
The Association of Management (AoM) and
International Association of Management (IAoM)
920 S. Battlefield Boulevard, Suite 100
Chesapeake, Virginia 23322 USA


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