[Limdep Nlogit List] READ command

Wells, Aaron Aaron.Wells at healthways.com
Fri Feb 16 10:30:03 EST 2007

Quick question:

I am trying to read in a file of some significance in size and find that
the following code does not work.   Moreover, I have tried exporting the
original data set (which is a sas file) as a csv file, then converting
said file to a limdep file using Stat Transfer.  While this latter
method converts the file, it for some reason creates a new data set that
essentially scales all of my data, with the exception of row one, by
some unknown factor.  Finally, I have resorted to the gui approach of
using the Import - Variables option; this does not work because of size
limitations (even after adjusting in Project - Settings).

Any help would be greatly appreciated


READ; nvar = 14; nobs = 139887;
       names = account, week, ln_wt, systolic, age, female, week_pro,
day_diff, stroke, hf_dum, rub_max, diur_sup, prog_yr, bp_cntrl;
	file = "O:\BP_Data\limdep.csv" ; format = CSV $

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