[Limdep Nlogit List] LIMDEP file size limitations

Richard Hofler rhofler at bus.ucf.edu
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If you're using version 8.0, you should be able to import Excel 2003
files with no problem. Ditto for Excel 4.0 files. So, you might try
converting that .csv file into an Excel 2003 (or 4.0) file. You should
then be able to import all obs and variables.  However,. . . do be aware
that you might need to increase your memory allocation in order to
accommodate larger files. The temp method is: Project, Settings..., then
increase the number of cells in the Memory Allocation box. This changes
memory allocation for that session only. You should do it before
importing your file. If you want a permanent increase: Tools, Options,
click on the Projects tab.

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Hello All,

When I try to import a .csv or .txt file, LIMDEP
truncates the number of variables to 19.  When I
import an Excel 4.0 file, all variables are retained,
but Excel's file size limitation truncates the number
of observations to around 16,000.  LIMDEP does not
seem to support versions of Excel post-4.0.

How do I import a file with 23,988 observations and 73


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