[GPlates-discuss] Shapefile issues - high node density

Sabin Zahirovic sabin.zahirovic at sydney.edu.au
Thu Jul 20 10:38:24 AEST 2017

Hi Lester,

Hmmm that’s interesting. When points are very dense and have very high resolution, GPlates might think that these points collapse onto one, and trigger a self-intersecting polygon scenario. Perhaps this is why it’s crashing. Are you using GPlates 2.0? What operating system are you using? 

If you’d like, you can (privately) send me an example problem polygon and I can check it on my system. John Cannon has been doing some fixes to how GPlates deals with polygons, and I have an internal build of GPlates that I could test it on.


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    Just a quick one. Is there a node limit in GPLates when it comes to
    connecting a raster to a shapefile? Found that complex shapefiles,
    with some polygons with very dense nodes will crash the program.
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