[Geodynamics] Geophysics of Convergent Margins" - Joint AGU-SEG workshop in Seattle in July 2022

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Fri Jan 28 04:56:10 AEDT 2022

Hi geodynamics list members,

Passing on a note on behalf of Dale Bird for a joint SEG-AGU workshop on convergent margins that should be of interest for many list members:

"One of our most important collaboration events is an annual workshop. This year's workshop is entitled Geophysics of Convergent Margins.


The workshop will be held in July (12-14) at the University of Washington (Seattle)."

Workshop description:

Convergent plate margins are important tectonic environments as these margins (1) host the largest and most destructive earthquakes and related tsunamis as well as the largest volcanic eruptions on Earth and (2) are accompanied by large onshore/offshore basins that are suitable for hydrocarbon preservation. They also represent natural laboratories to study fundamental cycles of the Earth System (e.g. carbon, water, etc.) and the fluid exchange between the Earth and the Ocean. Convergent plate margins are more challenging research environments due to their structural complexity and their dynamic evolution on short time scales. Over the last decade, the development of geophysical imaging and monitoring techniques as well as numerical and laboratory modeling have been proven useful to unravel some of the complexity of subduction zone processes.

This workshop aims at expertise exchange from different fields to improve the understanding of convergent margins as multi-faceted geological systems.  In particular, the steering committee is seeking presentations on the following topic areas: 

* Geophysical imaging and time-lapse analysis of the convergent margin system at different scales
* Tectonics and geology of convergent margins (e.g. forearc basin evolution, foreland domain)
* Modeling of subduction zone dynamics
* Cycling of the Earth system and fluid flow at convergent margins
* Natural hazards and resources
* Leaders/experts on each of the topic areas have been invited to present a keynote presentation at the beginning of each session.

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