[Geodynamics] IUGG 2019 Montreal: Joint Symposium on Geophysical Data Assimilation

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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to bring your attention to the Geophysical Data Assimilation
(JA02) Joint Symposium at IUGG 2019 (Montreal, July 8-19).

The deadline for abstract and travel grant submission is February 18th (

JA02 - Geophysical Data Assimilation (IAGA, IACS, IAG, IAHS, IAMAS, IAPSO,

Data assimilation has become a valuable tool for improving our
understanding of the Earth and its different dynamical layers, such as the
core, mantle, oceans, atmosphere and magnetosphere. By merging sparse
observations, complex physical models and their respective errors, data
assimilation attempts to unveil hidden features of a given system as well
as predicting its evolution. Although its long-term development in the
field of meteorology has led to a well-established framework, data
assimilation methodologies still bear considerable challenges. Amongst
those we can cite the numerical stability of ensemble-based methods such as
the Ensemble Kalman Filter, the identification and handling of model errors
and biases, the hybridization of variational and sequential approaches, and
the usage of multi-model ensembles for parameter estimation. Moreover, in
many fields of application, such as core and mantle dynamics, as well as
volcanism and space weather, data assimilation remains fairly exploratory.
However, these novel applications can provide a platform for further
analysis of the aforementioned challenges. This symposium aims at promoting
a constructive dialogue between the different geophysical communities with
a shared interest in the development of innovative strategies in data
assimilation. We therefore particularly encourage the participation of
contributions connected to emerging research fields of geophysical data
assimilation, as well as the development of libraries, testbeds and
computationally efficient data assimilation schemes.

Sabrina Sanchez (IAGA), Marie Bocher (IASPEI), Matthias Morzfeld
(IAGA/IAMAS), Takemasa Miyoshi (IAMAS), Entcho Demirov (IAPSO), Salvatore
Grimaldi (IAHS), Pavel Novak (IAG), Alessandro Bonforte (IAVCEI)

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More information on IUGG 2019 can be found at:

Appologies for cross-posting,
Best regards on behalf of the conveners,
Marie Bocher
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