[Geodynamics] Extended abstract submission deadline GeoMod2018

Jeroen van Hunen jeroen.van-hunen at durham.ac.uk
Wed Jun 20 17:07:42 AEST 2018

Dear colleague,

The _*deadline for abstract submission to the GeoMod2018*_ conference 
has been _*extended*_ to the _*July 1st*_. Note this is also the _*early 
bird registration*___*_deadlin__e_.

In order to confirm abstract acceptance and its selection as oral or 
poster communication before July 1st, please, send your abstract in the 
following days.

Remember the conference will be held in Barcelona from 1st to 4th October.

Abstracts are welcome to the next sessions:

SO – _State of the art in Modeling__: Methods & Techniques_ (POSTER SESSION)
Conveners: Frank Zwaan, Maria Roma, Roberto Agrusta
S1 – _Tectonics of faulting, folding and salt systems_
Conveners: Giacomo Corti, Susanne Buiter, Guido Schreurs
Guest speaker: Michelle Cooke
S2 – _Surface processes, sedimentary budgets, and interaction with 
Conveners: Daniel García-Castellanos, Stephane Bonnet, Stephane Dominguez
Guest speakers: Liran Goren, Michael P. Lamb
S3 – _Volcanic & magmatic processes_
Conveners: Adelina Geyer, Gilda Currenti, Arnau Folch
Guest speaker: Janine L. Kavanagh
S4 – _Dynamics of the lithosphere_
Conveners: Ivone Jimenez-Munt, Francesca Funicello, Benjamin Guillaume
Guest speaker: Ernst Willingshofer
S5 – _Rheology & structures regulting from strain heterogeneity & 
Conveners: Elena Druguet, Albert Griera, Marcel Thielmann
Guest speaker: Bernhard Grasemann
S6 - _Geofluids and their influence on deformation_
Conveners: Mauro Cacace, Tristan Cornu, Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth, 
Xavier Guichet
Guest speaker: Yury Podlachikov, Chiara Cornelio

More info at: https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/WKf5CwVLQmiZ10MAIV5Ybl?domain=ub.edu

Hope to see you in BCN!
Best regards,

The organisers




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