[Geodynamics] EGU 2017 Session: Unraveling the history of Planet Earth through Big Data in deep time

Dietmar Muller dietmar.muller at sydney.edu.au
Tue Nov 29 10:29:01 AEDT 2016

Dear colleagues,

We’d like to draw your attention to the following interdisciplinary session at EGU 2017 (23-28 April, Vienna, Austria):

Unraveling the history of Planet Earth through Big Data in deep time (co-organised by IE3.5/GD3.7/CL1.34/SM1.5/TS9.8)

Summary: Observations suggest that fundamental evolutionary cycles on Earth, including major sea-level fluctuations, extinctions, and long-term greenhouse-icehouse cycles, are linked to tectonic and deep mantle processes controlling supercontinent formation, dispersion and amalgamation, over long time periods. To understand the Earth as a dynamic and complex system on which we are dependent, we need to investigate the evolution of the entire Earth system, through deep geological time.  An integration of geological and geophysical big data, as well as small, but complex data, with numerical modelling tools may help reveal long-term, non-linear feedback between processes in Earth’s deep interior, the crust, the hydrosphere and the atmosphere. For this session we invite contributions from all areas of “deep time” geoscience that either involve the analysis of data, numerical modelling, or a combination of both, to shed light on the long-term history of Planet Earth.

Dietmar Müller (Sydney)
Sascha Brune (GFZ, Potsdam)
Yves Godderis (Toulouse)
Karin Sigloch (Oxford)

Invited presentations cover advances in data assimilation into deep-time geodynamic models and into paleo-ocean/climate models and include:

Marie Bocher (ENS, Lyon)
Yannick Donnadieu (CEREGE, Marseille)

Abstract deadline:

11th January 2017 (13:00 CET)

Contributions from young researchers and early career geoscientists are particularly welcome. We look forward seeing you in Vienna!

Best regards
Dietmar, Karin, Yves and Sascha

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