[Geodynamics] EGU 2017: "Understanding the Earth's mantle" session

Dan Bower dan.bower at erdw.ethz.ch
Fri Nov 25 19:17:41 AEDT 2016

Dear all,

Please consider submitting an abstract to our co-organised EGU session at
the General Assembly 2017:

*"Understanding the Earth's mantle: An interdisciplinary approach"


Earth’s mantle is thermally and chemically heterogeneous at multiple
scales, from the crystal structure of rocks through to slabs and
large-scale chemical reservoirs in the deep mantle. An enduring problem in
geoscience is that different scales of heterogeneity typically require
different techniques and methods for investigation. Notably, seismology and
geodynamics probe scales larger than 10 km, whereas experimental petrology
and mineral physics inform about the sub-cm scale. Yet ultimately we wish
to combine the results of these investigations to provide a clear and
complete picture as to the origin and evolution of mantle heterogeneity at
every scale from the surface to the core-mantle boundary. This requires
assimilating insights from seismology, geochemistry, mineral physics, and
geodynamics to provide an holistic view of the mantle.

In this session we bring together Earth scientists interested in the
present and past state of the mantle. We aim to facilitate lively and
interdisciplinary discussion and provide inspiration for new collaborative
studies aimed at elucidating the chemical and dynamic processes operating
in the mantle.

We have solicited talks by Dan Frost (ASU) and Hauke Marquardt (Bayerisches

Scientists who wish to apply for *financial support* should submit an
abstract, on which they are first authors, *by 1 December 2016*.  For more
information see: http://www.egu.eu/ecs/financial-support/

EGU is held in Vienna, Austria, from 23–28 April 2017 (http://www.egu2017.eu

On behalf of the organisers,

Dan J. Bower (ETH Zürich)
Martina Ulvrova (Lyon)
Antoine Rozel (ETH Zürich)
Thomas Bodin (Lyon)

Dan J. Bower, PhD
ETH Zürich Research Fellow
Institut. f. Geophysik, NO H 21
Sonneggstrasse 5
8092 Zürich
dan.bower at erdw.ethz.ch
+41 44 633 75 39
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