[Geodynamics] sedimentary basins and convergent orogens in 2016 AGU (session T031: Sedimentary basin records of convergent orogenic systems)

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If you're interested in studying sedimentary basin as an archive and indicator for orogenic evolution, please consider submitting an abstract to the session below, for the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco, 12-16 December 2016. Please note that the deadline is 3 August, 11:59 P.M. EDT.

Session T031: Sedimentary basin records of convergent orogenic systems.
Despite recent advances in understanding convergent orogens and sedimentary basins therein, the connections between the lower lithosphere and crust to the Earth's surface remains enigmatic. Deposition, deformation, and exhumation of basin strata are the product of interactions among these diverse tectonic and Earth surface processes (e.g., erosion, depositional environments, dynamic topography, magmatism, lithospheric flexure, and delamination) and provide insights into resulting orogenic, topographic, and regional environmental evolution. We invite contributions that study sedimentary basins from modern and ancient convergent orogens that utilize a range of field, laboratory, and modelling approaches. We aim to bring together interdisciplinary works that emphasize the use of multiple sub-disciplines, including but not limited to: sedimentology/stratigraphy, paleoclimatology, geomorphology, thermo-/geochronology, structural geology, palaeontology, and geodynamics. We particularly welcome studies that explore linkages between lower lithospheric to upper crustal and surficial processes, as well as coeval records from different basin types within a single orogenic system.

Invited speakers:
Majie Fan, University of Texas at Arlington
David Whipp, University of Helsinki

Submit an abstract to this session:

Renjie Zhou (University of Queensland)
Devon Orme (Stanford University and University of Nevada Las Vegas)
Theresa Schwartz (Allegheny College)
Nick Perez (Texas A&M University)

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