[Geodynamics] Fall 2016 AGU session on planetary evolution (P028)

Laurent Montesi montesi at umd.edu
Tue Jul 19 13:12:49 AEST 2016

Please consider submitting to our session on planetary evolution, and links between interior processes and climate evolution:

P028. Surface-interior coupling on Earth, Venus, and rocky exoplanets: influences on planetary evolution and habitability

Venus and Earth display dramatically different geodynamical and tectonic regimes, with Venus lacking evidence for recent plate tectonics, despite having nearly the same size and bulk composition. These different tectonic regimes significantly influence cycling of key volatiles (including CO2, H2O, CH4, and O2) between surface and interior and thus long-term climate evolution. Climate may even play a role in dictating the tectonic regime. Furthermore, rocky exoplanets likely have a broader range of geodynamic outcomes with fundamental implications for volatile cycling and climate evolution on these planets. This session will bring together scientists studying Earth, Venus, and rocky exoplanets to explore the role of key variables such as mass, composition, temperature, atmospheric interaction, and volatiles on tectonic and geodynamic processes, the role of tectonic regime and interior dynamics on volatile cycling and climate evolution, and to compare planetary evolutionary pat
  hs within our Solar System and beyond.


Invited authors:
Cedric Gillmann
Cin-Ty Lee

Brad Foley (Penn State)
Bob Grimm (Southwest Research Institute)
Laurent Montesi (U. Maryland)
Colin Jackson (Geophysical Laboratory)

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