[Geodynamics] AESC session - Growth versus reworking of the Australian continent through time

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*With this email I`d like to invite you to submit an abstract for the
following AESC 2016 (Adelaide) session:*

*Session:*  Growth versus reworking of the Australian continent through
time - Tectonics of the Planet.

Convenor: Peter Betts (Monash University) and Ross Cayley (Geological
Survey of Victoria).

The geological record of the Australian continent suggest two major
episodes of continental accretion.  The first occurred during the
Paleoproterozoic and the second during the Phanerozoic.  Both these
accretion episodes are characterised by protracted (100's millions of
years) and complex orogenic and basin forming events along the edges of
supercontinents.  There remains significant debate and uncertainty to the
extent of crustal growth versus continental reworking during accretion.  This
session will explore the crustal architecture, reconstruction and
geochemical signatures, and geodynamics of continental growth and reworking
of the Australian continent through time.

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