[Geodynamics] Australian Proterozoic orogens session at the Australian Earth Sciences Convention 2016

Dutch, Rian (DSD) Rian.Dutch at sa.gov.au
Thu Jan 14 15:38:31 AEDT 2016

Dear list members

We would like to bring the following session at the Australian Earth Sciences Convention 2016 to your attention and invite you to consider submitting an abstract:

'Proterozoic orogens welding the West, South and North Australian Cratons' in the Australian Earth Sciences Convention 2016; Adelaide, Australia.

This session will explore new developments in our understanding of the evolution of the Proterozoic orogens separating the West, South and North Australian Cratons, the timing and processes involved in the Proterozoic amalgamation of these cratons, and the resulting crustal architectures. Advances in our understanding of these fields have come from a range of sources including geologically well-constrained whole-rock and in-situ geochronological, geochemical, isotopic, metamorphic, and geophysical datasets. Recent seismic and magnetotelluric deep crustal imagery coupled with stratigraphic drilling is providing insight into key localities beneath deep cover. Age-constrained isotopic data, in particular, is allowing us to fingerprint the ancestry and character of basement to the Proterozoic orogens. Interpretations of these new datasets present important constraints that are challenging previous ideas on the nature and timing of amalgamation along all of these cratonic margins.

Abstracts for this session can be submitted online at http://aesc2016.gsa.org.au/call-for-abstracts/

Close Call for Abstract submissions: 15 February 2016

Final acceptance notification to speakers: 18 March 2016?


Rian Dutch, Chris Kirkland and Hugh Smithies ?

Dr Rian Dutch
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