[Geodynamics] Origin and Evolution of Plate Tectonics International Workshop - Switzerland - 17-22 July 2016

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Thu Jan 14 04:10:01 AEDT 2016

Origin and Evolution of Plate Tectonics International Workshop
Monte Veritá, Locarno, Switzerland
17-22 July 2016

We draw your attention to a 5-day international conference at the ETH conference facility “Monte Veritá < http://www.monteverita.org> in the Swiss Alps that will explore 4 key aspects of Plate Tectonic evolution: 1) When did Plate Tectonics begin?; 2) How did Plate Tectonics start?; 3) What geodynamic regime(s) characterized Earth before Plate Tectonics?; and 4) How does our understanding of Earth evolution depend on answering questions 1-3?   Addressing these issues requires experts in (among other things) computational geodynamics, Earth history, planetary science, whole Earth geophysics, high-pressure mineralogy, and isotope geochemistry.  Exploring these issues will also inform the search for exoplanets where life might be found. The conference will begin with 2 days of talks and discussion addressing topics 1 and 4 and end with 2 days focused on topics 2 and 3, with a mid-conference field trip to examine products of Plate Tectonics in the Alps near Monte Veritá.  The conference will bring together international experts in Earth history, geophysics, computation geodynamics and introduce students and postdoctoral researchers to this interdisciplinary research topic in an informal setting conducive to establishing ties with new colleagues and advancing this potentially transformative geoscientific topic.

Please go to http://jupiter.ethz.ch/~plates/ for more information. Registration is open now (deadline: 1 April 2016) and participants will be strictly limited to 120 maximum.  Graduate students, postdocs, and junior faculty are especially encouraged to consider attending.  We encourage you to register early to ensure a place; abstracts can be submitted either during registration or at a later date.

**Please note that registration and housing are on "first-come, first-served" basis up to hard limit of 120 participants.**

Bob Stern, Paul Tackley, and Taras Gerya, convenors

P.S. This meeting is completely open; feel free to forward this email as you please. 
P.P.S. For a preview of the workshop, check out AGU "on-demand" U41A: When and How Did Plate Tectonics Begin, What Came Before, and Why is This Controversy Important for Understanding the Earth? Some nice presentations there!
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