[ASA] ASA ECR Symposium Series: Courtney Crawford (University of Sydney) at Australian National University, Tuesday, 5 September, 11:00 AEST

Amit Seta amit.seta at anu.edu.au
Mon Sep 4 11:17:59 AEST 2023

Dear ASA members,

As part of the ASA ECR Symposium Series, Courtney Crawford (University of Sydney) will be giving a talk at the Australian National University on Tuesday, 5 Sep. (tomorrow) at 11 am AEST. Please find the title, abstract, and the zoom link to join online below.

Hydrogen Deficient Carbon Stars - What happens after a white dwarf merger?

Hydrogen deficient carbon (HdC) stars are a rare class of supergiant variable star with less than 1% hydrogen by mass. They exhibit a wealth of exotic characteristics such as production of dust, carbon-rich atmospheres, anomalous isotopic ratios, and very low metallicities. The most likely explanation for their formation is via a low-mass white dwarf merger, namely a CO-WD + He-WD merger. In this talk I will present the evidence that we see for this exotic formation mechanism, such as the oxygen isotopic ratio, our efforts in stellar modelling, and population synthesis modelling. I will also provide an overview of their unique characteristics and pathways for current work on them, especially regarding dust production, variability, and our current understanding of their kinematics using Gaia data.

Zoom link:

Please join us to know more about Courtney’s research.

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