[ASA] [ASA COMMS WG] Open call for membership by 31st March 2023

Moss, Vanessa (S&A, Marsfield) Vanessa.Moss at csiro.au
Tue Apr 11 17:22:00 AEST 2023

Hi all,

Just a reminder about this, and also will extend the current open form to join the Comms WG until Monday 17th April 2023 (17:00 AWST).

Link: https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/tIQOCVARKgC20Pz32HGPGq4?domain=forms.gle

Please get involved if you'd like to help us shape the current Slack usage and guidelines around it, and generally contribute to how ASA communications might evolve in the future!


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Subject: [ASA COMMS WG] Open call for membership by 31st March 2023

Dear all,

We are in the process of forming a new ASA Working Group focused on communications and use of communication technology within the ASA community, and are seeking interest from the broader community for those who would like to join and be actively involved in this group.

The first main task of this WG is to establish usage guidelines for a persistent ASA Slack space which is currently under preparation in the lead-up to the 2023 ASM/AGM. Going forward, we expect the time commitment to be quite small (< 0.05 FTE) and mostly involve asynchronous collaboration on matters relevant to the Comms WG.

If you are interested to take part in this WG, please fill in this form:

This current open call for WG members will close as of 31st March 2023.

We are especially interested in forming a WG membership that reflects the diversity of voices and perspectives within the ASA community, and encourage people across intersectional aspects such as gender/ethnicity/seniority/location/experience/expertise to consider joining the WG.

If you have any questions on the WG or plans for activities, please get in touch with Vanessa Moss: vanessa.moss at csiro.au

Vanessa Moss
On behalf of the ASA Communications Working Group

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