[ASA] Fw: James Binney to deliver the 2022 Hunstead Lectures (November 14-17)

Jonathan Bland-Hawthorn jonathan.bland-hawthorn at sydney.edu.au
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Subject: James Binney to deliver the 2022 Hunstead Lectures (November 14-17)

Hi there,

Please find enclosed an advertisement for an event in two months
to be held in person and via zoom at the University of Sydney,
Sydney Nanoscience Hub (by School of Physics).

James Binney (Oxford) is one of the UK's leading astrophysicists
and author of six major texts in physics and astrophysics, including
the modern-day classic "Galactic Dynamics" with Scott Tremaine.

The past few years have seen major advances in our understanding
of the Galaxy with an extraordinary richness in chemical and dynamical
space, made possible by ESA Gaia, Kepler, TESS and an armada of
ground-based surveys. Evidence of the first "building blocks" are now
beginning to emerge, but what are we to believe? Are we approaching
the data in the right way? How are we to compare data to simulations?
The vast data sets are beginning to challenge conventional ideas on
how to build models of the Galaxy, and how to interpret them. These
are some of the themes that will be explored by the speaker.

Past lecture series have been delivered by David Hogg, Celine Boehm,
Mark Krumholz and Nick Kaiser, always very well received and highly
informative. The lectures typically extend over introductory and advanced
graduate level, with plenty of time to ask questions and to engage the
lecturer over lunch.

I will send out final details (e.g. zoom link) closer to the time.

Best wishes, Joss.

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