[ASA] 2022 Harley Wood School for Astronomy

John Lattanzio john.lattanzio at monash.edu
Fri Sep 9 12:44:15 AEST 2022

Dear ASA Members

        An important part of the Annual Scientific Meeting is the Harley
Wood School of Astronomy, for graduate students. At this year’s HWSA there
was a significant accommodation issue, where some accommodation was not
appropriate, and participants were assigned to shared accommodation
randomly. This resulted in people sharing sleeping arrangements with
strangers, possibly of a different gender. The ASA recognises this as
entirely inappropriate.

       The ASA Council has completed an investigation into how this
occurred, and has put in place new procedures to ensure that this, or
similar mistakes, do not occur in the future.

       The Council has apologised to each HWSA participant, and sent them
the results of our investigation as well as a summary of our procedural
changes, designed to avoid similar occurrences.

        If any member would like further information, please do not
hesitate to contact me.

John Lattanzio
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