[ASA] IAU PhD Prize to Recognise Excellence in Astrophysics

Richard de Grijs richard.de-grijs at mq.edu.au
Tue Sep 28 20:07:31 AEST 2021

Call for nominations:

The IAU PhD Prize recognises outstanding scientific achievement in 
astrophysics around the world. Each IAU Division has, once a year, the 
opportunity to award its own prize to the candidate it feels has carried 
out the most remarkable work in the previous year (i.e. a PhD 
Thesis which has been defended between the 16 December in the previous 
year, and 15 December this year). Theses which are in preparation or 
submitted, but not yet defended by the deadline of a given year will 
have to be submitted the following year.

The recipient of each award receives a range of prizes, tailored by each 
Division at their own discretion. A standard prize includes airfare and 
accommodation to attend the next IAU General Assembly where certificates 
will be awarded. Other prizes might include the opportunity to present 
their thesis work at Division Days, an invitation to attend 
presentations to the IAU Executive Committee meeting and dinner at the 
General Assembly, and the possibility of presenting a talk at either a 
plenary or special session.

Candidates are required tosubmit 
<https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/KkWkCVARKgCx86BjWSGwnQL?domain=iau.org>: an abstract of their 
thesis that is suitable for public consumption; a 1500-word thesis 
summary; three letters of recommendation (including one from the PhD 
advisor); and a CV. The winner of each Division will be decided by the 
Division’s own standards and methods — guided by the Division Steering 
Committee — and possibly with corroborating external consultation or 
additional letters of recommendation.

The IAU PhD Prize is open to candidates from any country, regardless of 
whether the country has an IAU National Membership. On top of this, a 
separate prize is available to be awarded to applicants from developing 
countries (defined as those not in the OECD).

The deadline for all applications is*15 December*every year, to include 
all applications since the previous year’s deadline. The application 
form is available here: https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/KkWkCVARKgCx86BjWSGwnQL?domain=iau.org/ 

Please note that the deadline is at 11:59 PM in the IAU office in Paris, 
France (GMT+1).

Prof. Richard de Grijs

Department of Physics and Astronomy
Macquarie University
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Sydney, NSW 2109

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President, International Astronomical Union Division C:
    Education, Outreach and Heritage (2021-2024)

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