[ASA] ASA ECR Chapter Astronomers in Industry Survey

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Wed Jul 14 14:58:39 AEST 2021

Dear ASA members,

The ASA Early Career Researcher chapter is curating a database of
astronomers that are employed in industry and different areas of academia.

The goal of this database is to provide role models and connections for
students and ECRs looking for a diverse range of career opportunities. We
are hoping to highlight the variety of opportunities available to ECRs
(PhDs and postdocs) outside astronomy and the possible pathways to these

We would appreciate it if you could please circulate the following google
form to your friends and colleagues that have an astronomy PhD degree and
are employed in non-astronomy fields. It should not take more than 10
minutes to complete this form.


Kind Regards,
Anshu Gupta
(On behalf of The ASA ECR Charter Steering committee)
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