[ASA] YITP-OzGrav joint workshop on nuclear astrophysics and black holes

Ilya Mandel ilya.mandel at monash.edu
Sat Jun 26 20:05:08 AEST 2021

Dear colleagues:

We attach the first circular of a nuclear burning in massive stars + binary black hole formation workshop, jointly hosted by the Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (Japan) and OzGrav on 26-30 July.

It will be mostly online but we are also planning to have a local hub at Monash!

Best regards,
Ryo, Simon & Ilya

===== First Circular ======================================

YITP-OzGrav Workshop
"Nuclear burning in massive stars: towards the formation of binary black holes"

<date> 26 - 30 July 2021
   (can be parts of the week, probably not the entire the week)

<Venue> Kyoto (Japan), but mainly online + Monash U (Australia)
 ** Room at Monash U (Room G29-30, New Horizons building) **

<Participation Fee> Free

  - deadline: 23 July (Fri),
    but *16 July (Fri)* for abstract submission
      (online short talk/poster presentations are planned.)

  - Registration form:


The growing data set of gravitational-wave observations of binary black-hole mergers makes it possible to determine the physical properties (e.g., masses, binary parameters, and populations) of black holes. This information form gravitational waves provides extra constraints on the stellar evolution of massive stars that form black holes. One key ingredient to model stellar evolution is nuclear reactions, affecting energy generation and nucleosynthesis. The uncertainty of several reaction rates is still significant, which can
impact the predictions of stellar evolution.

In this workshop, we aim to discuss several aspects of "nuclear burning", focusing on gravitational-wave astronomy, stellar evolution, and nuclear physics. The workshop will be organized jointly between Australia and Japan, but participation from any other countries is very welcome.

  - Nucleosynthesis and origin of elements
  - Stellar evolution and explosions
  - Compact binaries and mergers
  - Evolution of galaxies
  - Gravitational wave astronomy
  - Nuclear astrophysics of stellar burnings
  - Other related topics

<Invited Speakers (and topics)>
   P. Ajith (ICTS): Gravitational Wave Theory
   A. Bahramian (Curtin U): X-Ray Binary Population
   J. J. Eldridge (U Auckland): Binary Evolution
   M. Fujii (U Tokyo): Binary BH Formation in star clusters
   S. Galaudage (Monash U): Gravitational Wave Observation
   A. Goodwin (Curtin U): X-Ray Bursts
   A. Heger (Monash U): Stellar Nucleosynthesis
   W. Horiuchi (Hokkaido U): 12C(a,g)16O Theory
   T. Kawabata (Osaka U): Triple-alpha Experiment
   T. Kinugawa (U Tokyo): Pop III Binary Evolution
   J. Powell (Swinburne U Technology): Core-collapse Supernovae
   J. Sakstein (U Hawaii): Particle Physics
   T. Shima (RCNP, Osaka U): 12C(a,g)16O Experiment
   K. Takahashi (AEI): Stellar Evolution
   Y. Taniguchi (NIT, Kagawa): 12C + 12C Theory

   + several more (TBA)

  R. Hirai (Monash U), K. Ioka (YITP), N. Itagaki (YITP),
  N. Iwamoto (JAEA), K. Kyutoku (Kyoto U), I. Mandel (Monash U),
  N. Nishimura (RIKEN), S. Stevenson (Swinburne U of Technology)

  - YITP (main sponsor)
  - OzGrav (ARC Centre of excellence for gravitational wave discovery)
  - Gravitational wave physics and astronomy: Genesis (TBC)
  - RIBF Theory Forum

Feel free to ask via the registration form (website)
or e-mail to nobuya.nishimura _at_ riken.jp


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