[ASA] ACAMAR "Radio Astronomy from the Moon" workshop: 28-30 July 2021

Ben McKinley ben.mckinley at curtin.edu.au
Tue May 25 16:21:56 AEST 2021

Dear all,

ACAMAR - the Australia-ChinA ConsortiuM for Astrophysical Research - are sponsoring an online workshop on "Radio Astronomy from the Moon", from 28-30 July 2021.

We strongly encourage talk submissions from Chinese and Australian astronomers on any topics related to doing radio astronomy from the Moon or lunar orbit. These include, but are not limited to:

  - Ultra-low frequency radio astronomy (1-30 MHz), theory and proposed observations
  - 21-cm cosmology (theory and observations), including both global signal and power spectrum
  - Observational mission proposals and ideas for both the Moon's surface and lunar orbit
  - Radio-frequency interference environment
  - Solar and planetary science
  - Synergies with other disciplines (e.g. lunar geology)
  - High energy particle/cosmic ray science
  - Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
  - Engineering topics including optical communications, mission design etc.
  - Potential synergies with commercial lunar exploration and industry

Registration and abstract submission are now open:

Please disseminate this invitation to your colleagues, and note the abstract submission deadline of 13 June 2021. This is a workshop, and we highly encourage contributions on works-in-progress and new ideas that will create discussion and promote new collaborations on this exciting topic.

Ben McKinley and Xuelei Chen
on behalf of the SOC and LOC

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