[ASA] 2020 Pawsey Medal - A/Prof Adam Deller

Cathryn Trott Cathryn.Trott at curtin.edu.au
Tue Mar 3 19:54:09 AEDT 2020

Dear ASA members,

Please join me in congratulating A/Prof Adam Deller, from Swinburne University, for being awarded the Australian Academy of Science 2020 Pawsey Medal.

Adam's work developing and using sophisticated radio astronomy instrumentation and software has had a huge impact in the fields of VLBI, and pulsar and FRB detection and characterisation.

The Pawsey Medal is a highly-competitive and prestigious honorific award, open to all sciences. The Academy states that "the Pawsey Medal recognises the contributions to science in Australia by the late Dr JL Pawsey FAA. Its purpose is to recognise outstanding research in physics by scientists up to 10 years post-PhD."


Adam continues a strong tradition of exceptional astronomers receiving this award.


Cathryn Trott

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ARC Centre of Excellence for All Sky Astrophysics in 3D (ASTRO 3D)

International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research
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Bentley WA, Australia

cathryn.trott at curtin.edu.au
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