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30th Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics, Portsmouth, UK

Dear Colleagues,

registration has opened for the 30th Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics, taking place in Portsmouth, UK from Sunday 15 to Friday 20 December 2019.

As conveners of, respectively, the parallel sessions on
-- cosmology/cosmic microwave background & re-ionization and
-- cosmology/early universe and the origin of structure
we would like to encourage you and your colleagues to submit an abstract for these sessions.

The deadline for abstracts submission is the 27th of September 2019. Notification of acceptance will be on the 14th of October. Registration for early-bird fees will end on 25 October 2019, and general registration will close on 22 November 2019.

More information on the symposium is appended below.

We hope to see you in Portsmouth UK in December.

Ema Dimastrogiovanni and Matteo Fasiello


30th Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics

Sunday 15 to Friday 20 December 2019, Portsmouth, UK

Registration and Call for Abstracts is now open

Abstract submission deadline is 27th September 2019. Early-bird registration fee payment deadline is 25th October. Registration closes 22nd of November. See the web site https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/QytLCnxyErCErzOjt9Th6u?domain=texas2019.org for more details.

The Texas meetings have covered topics such as black holes, gravitational waves, neutron stars, cosmic rays, dark matter and the early Universe since the first symposium, held in Dallas in 1963. Following the tradition of previous meetings, the 2019 Symposium will cover a broad range of subjects in relativistic astrophysics, including:

Gravity: Test of Gravity, Modified Gravity, Quantum Gravity, Numerical Relativity
Cosmology: CMB, Reionisation, Early Universe, LSS, Lensing, Supernovae, Dark Energy, Simulations
Gravitational Waves: Modelling, Sources, Experiments, Pulsar timing
Messengers: Cosmic Rays, Gamma Rays, X-Rays, Neutrinos
Relativity At Work: Black holes, AGN, Quasars, Neutron stars, Discs, Jets & Magnetic Fields

Invited Speakers
Antony Lewis (University of Sussex, UK)
Astrid Eichorn (University of Southern Denmark & Heidelberg University, Germany)
Chris Reynolds (University of Cambridge, UK)
Claudia De Rham (Imperial College London, UK)
Dany Page (National Autonomous University, Mexico)
Elena Gallo (University of Michigan, USA)
Elena Rossi (Leiden University, Netherlands)
Elisa Resconi (Technical University Munich, Germany)
Elisabeth Krause (University of Arizona, USA)
Giovanni Losurdo (INFN Pisa, Italy)
Juan Garcia-Bellido (University of Madrid, Spain)
Luciano Rezzolla (University of Frankfurt, Germany)
Martin Lemoine (IAP, France)
Raffaella Margutti (Northwestern University, USA)
Rennan Barkana (Tel Aviv University, Israel)
Takahiro Tanaka (Kyoto University, Japan)
Tanja Hinderer (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Tom Giblin (Kenyon College Ohio, USA)
Ulisses Barres de Almeida (CBPF, Brazil)

We look forward to seeing you in Portsmouth this December!
Marco Bruni and David Wands
on behalf of the Scientific and Local Organising Committees

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